The Toy ..!

In this big world ,, a little girl ,,  was alone ,, without mother or father ,, she lost them in the last war in Gaza !
Although that she was a lone ,, she decided to continue her childhood ,, to protect her dreams ,, which was in her special world !
She worked hard ,, and alot ,, she tired ,, but she didn't stop ..
Now she had a money ,, so , she can buy her childhood again ,, after she had lost it with her  parents ..
She did that by buy a toy !
That was her big dream ,,
She forget the rest of the childish things beautiful in life ,,
The toy ,, was the most beautiful  for here ,,
She forget travelling ,, dancing ,, singing ,, sporting ,, etc
Oops :|
Sorry ,, she didn't forget it ,, but she didn't know it !
The end

MarYam Taher Lulu

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  1. So Nice ,,
    good Maryam ,,
    Beautiful Maryam .. You are a great writer

  2. i dont no what i would say but realy its soooooooooooooooo nice baby

  3. This is sad
    In this world .. Find homeless children. Orphans .. We ask God to help them
    wonderful my beautiful girl :)

  4. What God willing, God bless Vicky
    Mary, of course, the man who has the will to something that does not stop his dreams no matter how
    Thank you again:)
    Living with:
    Lina Abdul Karim al-ejla

  5. Thank you very much maryam

  6. a7la klam shofo
    nice maryam
    and i hope u keep it up :P

  7. Human ambition does not give up any dream of his dreams
    May God help all those who have lost one or both parents
    God always will remain with you
    Handed over your hands
    And God bless you

  8. Nice words, Maryam
    I can see what that Innocent girl went through...
    your style in english is fine ... keep going sweety:)

    Ps: I think that you have to correct a little words just thats all :)

    Amal Daoud ^^


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